Technology Overview

It’s in the Water

The movement of the world’s water creates a vast store of kinetic energy which can be harnessed to generate electricity to power homes, buildings, and industries. The most widely used form is conventional hydroelectric generation leveraging the gravitational force of falling dammed water. However, with this approach comes huge environmental impact.

A Better Solution – Hydrokinetic Power Generation

Instream is developing a complete hydrokinetic power solution consisting of groupings (or “arrays”) of vertical access hydrokinetic turbines (VAHTs), simple, low-cost devices that convert the kinetic energy in moving water into electricity.

Instream hydrokinetic power generation has the ability to produce energy without the need for dams, diversions, or reservoirs. It creates a water-based renewable energy source with less environmental disruption, a lower cost of engineering, construction and maintenance, less safety risk, and reduced regulatory issues.

Instream’s pilot project provided valuable insight into the interactions between multiple turbines. The data obtained will allow Instream to optimize multi-turbine installations.

The Engineered Advantage

Instream’s versatile technology is applicable in both inland water and near-shore tidal applications inaccessible to conventional technologies. The use of smaller turbines and standardized support structures allows for commoditization and cost effective deployment and maintenance. Networking devices together allows projects to scale to any size. A non-submerged system is more cost effective and simplifies deployment. Instream’s turbines have the drivetrain and electronics above water which reduces risk and improves access for maintenance.

Technology Highlights

• BAE Systems design – 71% increase in efficiency
• 16% increase in array performance
• Third party validation
• 100% IP ownership
• Patent-pending

Download the 25kW Instream Turbine Technical Specification Sheet here.