About us

Who we are

Canadian based and operational since 2008, Instream Energy Systems is a pioneering developer of hydrokinetic systems for tidal and inland applications offering abundant, predictable, CLEAN power.

Instream’s scalable vertical-axis hydrokinetic turbines (VAHTs), efficiently convert the kinetic energy in moving water into cost-competitive, renewable electricity with minimal environmental impact.

With proof of performance since 2009, Instream is proud to be contributing towards the creation of a sustainable, secure and clean energy future.

Our Approach

Instream’s vision is to lead the industry in hydrokinetic solutions for tidal and inland waterways through a multi-faceted approach – focusing on R&D, partnerships, sustainability and community.   

Instream holds its company to the highest standards of research and development with over $30M in its patented technology and a strategic partnership with BAE Systems. Instream’s technology stems from a decade of continuous R&D in engineering, performance, manufacturing, efficiency and environmental impact. IES premium partnerships are a key factor in the continued growth and success of its vision for clean energy production.

Instream is committed to environmental protection and stewardship. Working towards a cleaner, greener future of energy production for all, Instream technology is ready to be leveraged to reduce carbon emissions across the globe. By ensuring as little environmental impact as possible, Instream is proud to produce a power solution deemed benign to fish and other aquatic wildlife (Electric Power Research Institute, 2011).

Instream strives to learn from, respect, and support the communities and cultures where IES technology is deployed. The implementation of IES technology offers boundless opportunities to provide clean energy to remote communities. A powered community is an empowered community – access to clean, dependable, abundant energy transforms possibilities and potential.

Our story


Instream founded by Ken Miller. Strategic relationship with BAE Systems established to leverage BAE’s hydrodynamics, marine systems, information technology, system modeling and design expertise.


Instream deploys the world’s first array of vertical-axis hydrokinetic turbines in a dam outflow channel in the Duncan Dam in British Columbia, Canada. This project was developed through a collaboration with B.C. Hydro, Powertech and local Indigenous groups.


Instream becomes the first company to receive a multi-year site facility-use agreement for a hydrokinetic power project with the United States Bureau of Reclamation (USBR). Ongoing research continues at Roza Canal (Yakima, WA) with support from Sandia National Labs and other research partners.


Facilitation of a series of R&D projects spanning operational, environmental, engineering and electrical control resulting in validation evidence, intellectual property, and preventative maintenance insights for reliable, safe, and responsible deployments.


With support from Innovate UK, ITPEnergised and Leask Marine, Instream built the Marinus platform for our bi-direction cross-flow tidal turbines. In 2023, the platform was deployed to support environmental monitoring of a tidal power demonstration zone offshore of Anglesey, Wales.


Instream Energy Systems ramps up global commercialization strategy.


Instream Energy Systems attends (The United Nations Climate Change Conference) in Egypt and announces Instream’s plans to provide hydrokinetic energy in Guyana with the Iwokrama International Center for Conservation.


Instream’s multi disciplined international leadership working collaboratively with the local community in Guyana, supporting local businesses.

At Instream Energy Systems, our leadership is dedicated to powering change and steering the course towards a greener future. Committed to clean energy solutions, our leadership team drives innovation and sustainability in the energy sector. Discover the vision and expertise that guide Instream Energy Systems toward a cleaner, more sustainable tomorrow.

William Whitt

Board Chair, President & CEO


Kenneth Miller

Board Director

Ken is the Founder of Instream and has served as a Director and President since Instream’s inception in 2008. He has a strong background in start-up venture financing, business relationship management, corporate development, and hydrokinetic projects.

James Hawse

Board Director